Louisiana helps BP deliver the energy that fuels America by supporting the company’s oil and natural gas exploration and production activities in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

The state is the home base for coordinating and transporting personnel and supplies to offshore platforms and drilling rigs that make up BP’s Gulf of Mexico operations.

BP’s logistics base in Port Fourchon runs 24 hours a day and provides all the food, supplies and tools needed to keep the company’s gulf facilities working safely and efficiently. Supply boats leave the port carrying equipment and material for BP’s four operated offshore platforms (Atlantis, Mad Dog, Na Kika and Thunder Horse) and drilling rigs. 

Just a few miles to the northwest of Port Fourchon is the city of Houma, where BP operates the Gulf of Mexico Aviation Logistics heliport. Every day, from sunrise to sunset, the BP-contracted team runs a helicopter fleet that moves about 500 people to and from their jobs. In a given month, about 12,000 people pass through the Houma heliport on their way to BP facilities in the gulf.

BP also has a major lubricants facility in Port Allen, near the state capital of Baton Rouge. Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, Port Allen is home to a regional manufacturing and distribution center for BP Lubricants USA. Workers at the facility blend, package and distribute Castrol motor oil and car-care products for sale in the U.S. and for export to markets in the Caribbean, South America, Canada and Mexico.
*Vendor figures for the year ended December 31, 2015. BP jobs figures as of June 30, 2016.

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