Ghent - lubricants production

Belgium Lubes Plant - Site Gent

Belgium Lubes Plant - Site Gent was founded in 1905 by the Sudan Brothers for the import of crude oil in wooden drums (for the production of lamp petroleum).
In 1937 Anglo-Belge des Pétroles, a BP subsidiary, operates the plant.
Post war activities become more export oriented and in the mid of the 90’s restructuring of BP lube oil production results in Gent taking over the volume produced in France and Germany reaching approx. 150,000 tonnes shipped volume per year.
As of 1 April 1997 the site is operated under the Mobil-BP Joint Venture. In 1999 with Logistics phase II implementation Belgium Lubes Plant - Site Gent becomes a Speciality Plant.
In 2000, with take-overs of amongst other of Arco, Burmah and Amoco and consequent name change, the site becomes a BP plant again.
Belgium Lubes Plant - Site Gent has a laboratory which also acts as a customer service lab for the analysis of oils on behalf of BP Marine world wide.

Quality certificates

Belgium Lubes Plant - Site Gent boasts following quality certificates: ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

Key figures

  • About 200 employees
  • Annual production: 150,000 tonnes of lubricants
  • 250 formulations
  • Products are shipped in bulk, as well as small and large containers