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BP Target Neutral is about helping you to go carbon neutral – reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint


Business costs are rising as governments increasingly regulate carbon emissions. Customers are demanding products and services from companies that show they are tackling the climate challenge.


Since 2006 we’ve helped our customers to offset more than four million tonnes of carbon emissions. Target Neutral use internationally recognised, high quality, carbon credits to offset emissions through investment in carbon reduction projects all around the world. These projects also contribute to improving the lives of millions of people through better access to energy, health, education, and jobs.


We are not managed for profit and don’t seek to make a return on the purchase and sale of carbon credits.

Start your lower carbon journey here with BP Target Neutral.

An introduction to BP Target Neutral

BP Target Neutral develops carbon neutral products and services for BP’s customers and partners.
An introduction to BP Target Neutral
Across this website references to 'carbon' are used generically in place of 'carbon dioxide equivalent' and 'CO2e’.