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bp pledges support for ‘Time to Change’ mental health campaign

21 May 2018
As part of BP’s commitment to change how mental health is viewed in our workplace and support employees who may be facing problems, we are delighted to sign the 'Time to Change' employer pledge

At the pledge event at the BP headquarters on 17 May 2018, Peter Mather, group regional president for UK and Europe, said that “supporting mental health and wellbeing is a vital aspect of modernising and transforming the way we work at BP, one of the four priorities of BP’s overall strategy”.


Our pledge:

At BP we aim to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best talent from the diversity the world offers.  We recognise that diverse talent can only thrive in an inclusive culture, where everyone is valued and treated equally with respect and dignity, without any form of discrimination.


Our Group health strategy recognises that healthy business performance requires healthy people and healthy processes in healthy places. Embedded in our safety value is an expectation that as a BP employee I will, ‘demonstrate personal responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of everyone around me’


BP policy and process, supported by senior leaders, consider wellbeing in the workplace, including mental health. Human resources policy includes process for supporting workplace adjustments at every stage of employment, including recruitment and return to work in line with the Equality and Disability law.


In addition, and with a specific focus on mental wellbeing at work we:  

  1. Hold national and local events to raise awareness and help people feel that it is OK to talk about mental health at work.
  2. Provide e-learning materials about how to recognise and manage stress in oneself and others.
  3. Include training materials about mental health and resilience in our leadership programmes for existing and aspiring leaders.
  4. Actively work with business leaders to identify opportunities to improve health and wellbeing by listening and responding to information in our employee surveys.
  5. Have set up mental health networks to increase the open discussion of this important issue.
  6. Are revitalising our employee assistance programme offer to improve the range of services available, their relevance to our employees, and employee confidence in their use.
  7. Offer UK wide health assessments which include advice about common mental health issues.
  8. Offer private medical insurance (including comprehensive mental health support) as part of our of our employee benefits offer.
  9. Provide access to confidential occupational health advice for employees and advice to managers about how they can best support an individual with common mental health problems.
  10. Use insights from the health and wellbeing scores within BP’s employee survey to examine how those scores may be associated with business outcomes such as recordable injury frequency rates and attrition data.


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