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Mission sustainability: four more cleantech start-ups join award-winning technology accelerator

Release date:
27 April 2020
Continuing their partnership to accelerate low carbon technology solutions, the Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) and Deep Science Ventures (DSV) have selected four pioneering start-up companies to join the OGTC’s TechX programme, doubling last year’s intake
  • OGTC continues partnership with DSV for a second year running, doubling intake
  • Wide spread of technology offering low-cost hydrogen production, direct air capture of CO2, and more 
  • 50% of third cohort represent cleantech companies

TechX’s collaboration with DSV – TechX Ventures – aligns with the OGTC’s vision to unlock solutions ‎that position the industry as a valued part of a balanced low carbon energy mix, such as low-cost ‎hydrogen production and direct air capture of CO2. DSV combines deep science thinking and ‎engineering to create start-up companies who are automatically offered the opportunity to pitch for ‎a place in the TechX programme. ‎

Commenting on the ongoing partnership and the new additions to cohort three, David Millar, ‎TechX Accelerator director at the OGTC, said: ‎‎“Our partnership with DSV is an important one to ensure we continue to build a pipeline of game-‎changing, net zero start-ups. DSV’s ability to build high-growth ventures from scratch is unparalleled ‎and this year’s programme is no exception. ‎

‎“The four companies that we have selected have unique technology solutions that solve real net zero ‎challenges and we can’t wait to start working closely with them to accelerate them forward in ‎pursuit of the much-needed energy transition.”‎

Through the TechX Ventures programme, the following companies were selected: 


  • Mission Zero – bio-inspired, ultra-efficient direct air capture technology to remove CO2‎
  • Mellizyme – bio-recycling of plastics using a unique enzyme
  • Supercritical – revolutionary new electrolyser creating low-cost hydrogen
  • sHYp – producing green hydrogen from sea water without the need for desalination.


The DSV spinouts join the eight previously selected companies of cohort three which were ‎announced in February 2020. [*link to article] This brings the accelerator’s third cohort to a total of ‎‎12 pioneering companies, six of which align with the OGTC’s Net Zero solution centre and Vision ‎‎2035.‎

In light of COVID-19, the programme’s official start date has been postponed until August, though ‎each of the companies will be given access to their £100,000 seed funding on the original date ‎planned, with no equity or payback required and all intellectual property retained by the company. ‎The 16-week intensive programme provides access to development partners, mentors and ‎extraordinary access to the energy market potential to help the start-ups chase down all important ‎field trial support.‎

The programme is supported by over 120 mentors and partners, with three strategic partnerships: ‎KPMG, bp and Equinor.


‎‎“bp is delighted to continue its partnership with the OGTC TechX initiative, building on the success of ‎the past two years. The third cohort of start-ups enter the programme at unprecedented times for ‎all of us.” ‎ ‎


David Gilmour, vice president business development, bp group technology


Discussing the next cohort of entrepreneurs, Amy Burnett, private enterprise manager at KPMG, ‎commented: ‎‎“We believe the industry has a sustainable future, driven by disruptive and innovative ‎entrepreneurs. This is now the third year of KPMG Private Enterprise’s partnership with the TechX ‎programme at the Oil & Gas Technology Centre and we’ve been consistently impressed with the ‎ideas and scalable business solutions the programme is nurturing. ‎

‎“While COP26 may be postponed, governments around the world have made it clear that they won’t ‎abandon bold long-term net zero goals, and it’s great to see this year’s cohort focused so clearly on ‎that sustainability mission. Many of the business models and ideas being nurtured by TechX will play ‎central roles in solving global issues, not just in oil and gas. We’re incredibly proud to play our part in ‎supporting new business ideas and solutions for global economic and environmental challenges.” ‎

David Gilmour, vice president business development, bp group technology, said: ‎‎“bp is delighted to continue its partnership with the OGTC TechX initiative, building on the success of ‎the past two years. The third cohort of start-ups enter the programme at unprecedented times for ‎all of us. ‎

‎“This will introduce additional challenges, but also create new opportunities for companies focused ‎on innovation, disruptive technology and game-changing ways of working. As bp and the world plots ‎a course towards net zero, ambitious young start-ups like those coming out of the TechX initiative ‎will play an increasingly important role.”‎

Kristen Aamodt, head of Equinor Technology Ventures, said: ‎‎“Congratulations to the shortlisted entrepreneurs in cohort three for the ground-breaking ideas that ‎have been put forward. Equinor is pleased to continue our collaboration with the OGTC TechX ‎programme to support radical innovation from start-ups, which is of benefit to the supply chain and ‎our broad portfolio of activities in the UK.‎

‎“Through this partnership, we can support game changing technologies which have the potential to ‎make a lasting impact on the energy industry and bring us closer to our goal of net zero.” ‎

Colette Cohen, CEO of the OGTC, added:‎ ‎“We are delighted to be announcing the final four companies to join the TechX Cohort three line-up. ‎The selection of this group of high potential companies continues the OGTC’s commitment to ‎develop and accelerate companies and technologies which will positively impact the North Sea and ‎our industry’s carbon footprint.”‎

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