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Card Security

30th May 2024
Streamline your workload with bp Fuel Card’s security features


With so much on your plate already, you’re sure to appreciate the support of the online bp Account Manager with your fuel card security. But are you taking full advantage of everything on offer?  This blog might open your eyes to unused features that could reduce your workload further.

Want to be able to monitor your cards at all times?


It’s time to discover bp Alerts which enables you to request message and email alerts to tip you off if any card is ever used beyond pre-set boundaries. These boundaries might include the type of products and services purchased, the station type used and also spending limits.

Want real-time visibility of every card transaction?


With bp online services, you’ll see a real-time view which means you’re always up to speed with any problems that might occur. Some fleet managers mistakenly believe you need to wait for transactions to be processed before you can view them, but with bp Alert Transactions that information is available before your driver even leaves the filling station.

Want to be able to cancel cards at a moment’s notice?


Our online portal gives you ultimate control over your fuel cards. As well as replacing, blocking or ordering new fuel cards, you can protect them with a unique 4-digit pin that matches a 4-digit driver code. Also, if you cancel a card as "Customer Destroyed", did you know that the card will stay live for up to 3 months as bp assumes you have cut the card up?

Want the full support of someone with your best interests at heart?


It makes good business sense for us to keep customers like you happy at all times – that way we’re likely to keep you for longer. That’s why bp provides you with all the tools you need to manage your fuel spend as efficiently as possible.

Curious about what bp has to offer?


Log in to the portal to check out all the features available or, if you’re interested in becoming a new customer, register your interest here.