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Multi-level security system: On the safe side with bp fuel cards

A fuel card that ends up in the wrong hands or is misused can result in significant losses for your business. Especially in commercial vehicles with a high tank volume, the “extra” litres are not immediately noticeable. So it is vital to have a sophisticated security system that not only uncovers individual cases of misuse but can also counter organised abuse.


Does the transaction fit in with normal refuelling behaviour?

bp’s multi-level security system has cut the losses resulting from fuel card fraud by 50 per cent, keeping them far below the industry average for years. First, clever algorithms check each refuelling transaction to see if it matches previous refuelling behaviour. If implausible transactions are detected, our security team steps in to closely examine every single potential fraud case.


Hologram and online authorisation

The SME bp Fuel & Charge card itself also meets the highest security standards. There is a hologram on every card and all fuel transactions require an online authorisation. A key security feature of fuels cards is the personal identification number (PIN).


Pick your PIN

You can create your own PIN for your bp fuel card. It’s easy to manage and change your PIN online in our customer centre. When you click on the “PIN administration” button, you’ll get a list of all your fuel cards with driver and number plate details, so you can make the desired changes or updates.