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New EMV chip and PIN cards

Maximum security and new functionality with bp Fleet Solutions fuel cards

From April onwards, our bp Fleet Solutions fuel cards - bp Plus and bp Plus Bunker - will gradually be replaced by new cards with a chip. Compared to the current swipe cards, the new EMV chip and PIN cards offer various advantages, including being more effective and reliable in preventing fraud.


EMV stands for 'Europay, Mastercard, and Visa', and is a payment method based on a technical standard for payment terminals and smart payment cards. 


Currently, fuel cards are swiped through the card reader, but this will gradually end with the new EMV chip and PIN cards making contactless payment possible. 
In addition, the new EMV chip and PIN cards pave the way for other payment methods and increased security. Please note, PIN verification, registration and mileage details will still be required when making a transaction.
To make the card exchange as resource friendly as possible, the fuel cards will be replaced when the expiry date of the previous cards is reached. 
What do you need to do as a customer? Nothing - the exchange takes place automatically. Your new EMV chip and PIN card will be sent to you when your current card expires.

Please note, bp Fuel & Charge cards will not (yet) be exchanged, but we will keep you informed when this happens. 


The gradual development of all bp Fuel and Charge cards fulfils the current requirements of the "Payment Services Directive" of the European Union – also known as PSD2. B2Mobility GmbH, as the issuer of the bp Fleet Solutions Fuel and Charge cards, is registered as an e-money institution and therefore offers customers the possibility of charging products and services via the bp Fuel and Charge cards. 


The new EMV chip and PIN cards already work at most bp stations in the UK and throughout Europe, if your card is open for international use. 

EMV chip and PIN cards will gradually be activated in the acceptance network of partner brands too, but until then, the magnetic stripe, which the new cards also have, can still be used. 

If you have any questions, please check our FAQs document with further information or call our friendly team, who will gladly help.

Customer service: 0345 603 0723 (Monday-Friday 08:00-17.00).