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Card Related Query

Do I need to activate my card?
There is no need to activate your card – if you have your PIN, you can start using it right away.
Forgotten PIN
Customer Service does not have access to PINs and these are not stored online due to security reasons.
The PIN can be reset in the Online Account Manager and it takes approximately 30 minutes for the new PIN to be active on the card.
Blocked Fuel Card
If your fuel card has been blocked due to incorrect PIN entries, it can be unblocked by resetting the PIN via the Online Account Manager. The new PIN can be used 30 minutes after it has been changed. Please ensure that the new PIN is different than the current one.
What products can I purchase with my card?
The following products can be purchased with BP Fuel cards depending on the product code that is embossed on the front of card:
60 - Diesel & Adblue
61 - All fuels & Adblue
62 - All fuels, Adblue & lubricants
63 - All fuels, Adblue, lubricants & car wash (token operated)
64 - All fuels, Adblue, lubricants, car wash (token operated) & vehicle related products
65 - All products available in store excluding lottery, e-top up cards, tobacco and alcohol
EV charging at bp pulse public network
The charge point is not working
If your card is active, please contact bp pulse on 0330 016 5120.
This number is also on the back of your fuel card
Lost/stolen card
Please cancel your card on the Online Account manager immediately and order a replacement. When cancelling a card, please ensure that you also cancel the virtual card that is linked to the bpme app.
Card due to expire
Cards which are being used regularly will be reissued automatically. If you have not used your fuel card for a while, please check the reissue status of the cards online. All card details including the PIN will remain the same for reissued cards – only the expiry date changes. You will need to add the new card to BPme again as the expiry date will differ from the previous one.
My query was not answered
To report not answered query please click on the link and fill our the form.
I'd like to close my fuel card account
To report closing fuel card account please click on the link and fill our the form.