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bp and Aral Ultimate fuel

Dirt is a hidden enemy that could be lurking in your engine. Learn how to prevent it.

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bp in Europe and Aral in Germany offer premium fuels which contain ACTIVE technology – our advanced, innovative engine cleaning formula. It’s specially designed to remove harmful engine dirt and protect against build up.
Key benefits of Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE Technology

Start fighting against harmful effects the moment you start your car.

  • Maximize and maintain engine performance
  • Deliver a smooth driving experience
  • Reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance and break downs
  • Improve vehicle efficiency, taking you further between fill-ups

Benefits are for Ultimate Unleaded vs RON95 and are achieved over time. They may vary based on what and how you drive.

Key benefits of bp Ultimate fuels
How does ACTIVE Technology work?

How does ACTIVE Technology work?

Both bp and Aral distribute high-quality unleaded and diesel fuels with ACTIVE Technology. The innovative formulation fights dirt in two clever ways:

  1. ACTIVE molecules attach to existing dirt and drag it away from critical engine parts. The dirt mixes with the fuel and is then safely burnt in the engine.
  2. ACTIVE molecules also attach to clean metal surfaces in engines, forming a protective layer which helps stop dirt binding onto the metal.

Keep your engines running smoothly and fill up at your closest bp or Aral station.

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