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Fuel cards

Get convenient offers for your fleets.

Benefits of refueling at bp stations
We offer a range of fuel cards designed for the various needs of fleets and businesses.*
  • bp Plus – For cars and vans travelling across the country
  • bp + Aral – For international fleets of all types travelling through Europe
  • bp Komfort - Our prepaid card option, ideal for businesses with 1-5 cars or vans
  • Other cards - specific offers with bp business partners availablein some countries
* Offers may differ from one country to another

Key benefits of fuel cards

  • Convenient network – Fuel vehicles at bp and partner stations, according to your needs
  • Drive down costs – Our clear pricing structure can help you manage fuel costs
  • Less paperwork – Use our online platform to manage transactions and download invoices
  • One invoice – Save time with a consolidated VAT-deductible invoice for all vehicle related goods and service costs
  • Full control – Manage, order, and block bp fuel cards, online 24/7. Set up alerts directly from the platform
Key benefits of bp Ultimate fuels