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Ádám's story

Ádám supports two petrochemical sites throughout Europe from the city of Szeged, while automating processes to achieve continuous improvements.

Living in the city of Szeged, Ádám first read about bp’s expansion to his town in a local newspaper and knew immediately that he would apply. Though he is a graduated philosopher and esthete, project management always interested him. Working for a clinical center previously, he gained some valuable experience in the field of procurement.


Working at the public sector for a few years made me realize that I miss the diversity that is essentially the driving force of the whole world.


This realization urged him to apply and he started his career as a “Master data and pricelist specialist”. His bp journey kicked- off with a knowledge transfer process where he spent a few days at one of the petrochemical sites in England that he was going to support from Hungary during his job. At the site visit he was introduced to the tasks and processes he has been performing to this day and

had the chance to meet those colleagues with whom he has been working ever since. With his job Ádám is supporting petrochemical sites from a distance by conducting various activities regarding the accurate data management of our products (such as specifications and unit price). He has an ongoing relationship with colleagues on site in the city of Hull in England and in Geel, Belgium. Their work together ensures, that customers of bp will experience a smooth ordering and invoicing process.




Making huge improvements


Ádám and his team are continuously trying to automate monotonous, repetitive, low risk daily tasks to make processes easier for themselves and for the ones working on the petrochemical sites. For example, in a request system that they had previously worked in, every area used a different template. They had a team of 4 and 2-3 areas belonged to everyone. This meant at least 8-12 templates which caused complications and confusions.


We recognized the similarities and patterns in them and created a universal template. This was a huge improvement especially when it comes to substituting other colleagues


Accomplishing these developments hadn’t always been easy. As Ádám recalls it, when they first took over the processes, things were a bit messy.


Everything is on track now, but that required a lot of work from our side. Things can only be improved from now on, it is highly unlikely that any more problems will occur.


Overfulfilled expectations


Besides the pride and confidence gained by executing successful projects, bp gave Ádám many things that he thoroughly enjoys regarding both his professional and personal life.


bp fulfilled expectations of mine I didn’t even know I had. Apart from the opportunity to actively use English language in my daily job, I experienced the dynamism and vitality I missed from my previous workplaces.


According to Ádám, the office in Szeged perfectly expresses the mentality of bp. It is open, there are many special features and both juniors and managers are sitting together, reflecting that it is all one big team where you can turn to anybody with a problem. Exactly that is one of the reasons why Ádám has a hard time working from home for a long period.


I see extended remote working as a double-edged sword. It can be frustrating not having colleagues sitting around me when I would need their advice quickly. But at the same time being on my own prompts me to rely on myself and to find creative solutions to problems, which at the end of the day contributes to my personal development.