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Balázs's story

Meet Balázs, who works as a supply analyst for our aviation business and wants to constantly develop himself, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Working as a controller in the city of Szeged in 2017, Balázs heard in the local news that bp was to open a center in town. Since he was already looking for career growth and he also found himself captured by the renown of the company, he decided to give it a try and apply for a position. The memories of his first experiences at bp are still vividly living in his mind.


The biggest difference between bp and my previous workplaces is the culture and mindset colleagues represent. In other words, everybody was incredibly nice and helpful.


Partnership is key

Balázs currently works as a supply analyst, supporting our aviation business, Air bp. His job includes the quantitative accounting of the kerosene sold by bp, that is being transported by tanker trucks from fuel terminals to airports and to other buyers. To be able to precisely close the period at the end of each month, he needs to have a great understanding of the whole business, as well as to know who to turn to in case any issues come up. In order to do a thorough job, he cooperates with both external parties and internal bp teams. The terminals, the freight companies, and the airports report their stocks to be accounted for to Balázs. Internally, he is in close contact with the invoicing teams based in England and in Hungary, as well as with the invoice matching team to help him handling invoice related or customer complaints and potential discrepancies in quantities.


Members of our team must do a precise job and be able to see the big picture. Otherwise, the accounts would not be in balance, which could lead to problems in the book-keeping of both bp and its customers.


Broadening his horizon

He has been in this position for 2 years now. He imagines his career to continue at bp in the field of finance, but within that, he is interested in the work of many other departments.


I really like my current job, but I always try to broaden my horizon. I have a curious nature, I am interested in overseeing the whole business. Inventory management, working with financial data or more generally speaking implementing existing processes to new systems are fields that really interest me.

Due to that, Balázs always tries to educate himself and get some insights on projects that differ a bit from his daily job.



bp as a great supporter

When asked about why he imagines his future at bp, Balázs gave us many answers.


I really like the one-team spirit of the company; everybody works together and helps each other here. I didn’t experience that in previous workplaces and I missed it.

Being the father of a small child, a great work-life balance is also very important for him.


As a dad, my time is mainly organized by my employer and by my child. That is why, the company’s approach to this topic is key. Luckily, this is handled extremely well at bp, I only had positive experiences.

He also highlighted the trainings that are available for bp colleagues. According to Balázs, by investing in people, bp develops its own infrastructure.


I, as a private person, value forward-looking things in life. I don’t like to get stuck with ineffective concepts. We all need to keep developing ourselves and keep going forward because that is what today’s world is about. And bp is a great supporter at this.