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Brigi's story

Brigi is responsible for collecting money from our customers, while keeping a good relationship with them. Her favourite aspect about her work is the creative problem-solving.

In 2017 Brigi was working for the Immigration Office in Szeged and spent her days working on cases of foreign nationals. She knew that she wanted to change her career path when a classmate from university working at bp told her about his great experience.


When my classmate was talking about his days at work, I felt like bp would be a great fit for me too. The mindset of the company seemed to be something I could identify myself with, so I decided to apply. I really wanted to be hired, I was prepared and motivated for the interview.

 Brigi was offered a Credit Control Analyst role in our Szeged office. This position required a few months of training in Budapest.


It was an exciting, but tiring period of my life, with a new job and organizing my wedding at the same time. This meant frequent commuting between the trainings in Budapest, the premarital counseling and vendor-searching in Szeged.

She recalls the trainings were well-coordinated and efficient. Their team even managed to learn everything sooner than expected.


I enjoyed the trainings in Budapest but starting the work in the Szeged office was even better. I was amazed by the physical environment and the opportunities it provides for social connections.


Collecting debt while maintaining good relationships

Brigi joined us as a Credit Control Analyst, collecting the company’s receivables. Supporting Air bp they work with state companies of the aviation industry.


When a customer received their invoice from us but hasn’t fulfilled the payment yet, we come into the picture: we notify them about their open invoice and try to make the unpaid items into paid ones. The aim of this role is to recover the outstanding amounts while keeping a good relationship with the customers.

Brigi’s team starts allocating the incoming financial items and later the finance team does the accounting. They also work together with the customer service unit, when handling the upcoming problems and complaints of the customers, such as sending new copies of lost invoices or correcting information on them. Her team is dealing with around 4000 customers - including active and inactive ones, out of which Brigi handles the cases of 300. Most of them are regular customers of bp she is familiar with, so she knows well what they prefer when handling their cases.



Creative problem solving

As of November this year, Brigi became a Lead Credit Collection Analyst. According to her, this promotion requires more professional coordination, as she now looks over the work of 2 colleagues, but most of her daily task and her team remained the same. She has been operating in this field for 3 years now and doesn’t plan to change.


At the beginning, this area required a change of my mindset, but now I really enjoy it. In my previous job at the public sector I was missing innovative thinking. There were certain rules and processes which I needed to follow when making a decision.

Brigi says that problem-solving is way more creative in her job at bp.


One can use certain given tools, but the outcome only depends on them. For example, you can choose the email or the phone to reach a customer, but there is no rule or specific order. Due to that, every collector will develop a personal style. I am very confident in this type of task completion.


What keeps the company moving

According to Brigi, the principles of bp keep her wanting to work for the company.


I admire the open mindset of bp. I like how it approaches social issues and I can resonate with the new direction of the company.

Another thing she is proud of is her team.


There are many different personalities in our team, but we can still manage to achieve great results and make our work effective. That applies to the whole company. Here at bp, everybody contributes to each task with their individual identity and in the end, there is a great outcome. This is what keeps the company moving.