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Marci's story

Working as Supply Analyst, Marci is dedicated to do his best, and with that, support the company in realizing its aims.

Marci had already heard about bp even before the office in Szeged opened in 2017. However, he only started to pay closer attention to it, when one of his university classmates started working there and shared all his great experiences. After hearing details about the company, Marci applied and started his very first full-time job at bp in May of 2018. Understandably, he was a bit anxious on his first day, but when his team leader introduced him to his co-workers, all his nervousness quickly disappeared.


I could not believe how appreciated my manager and the team made me feel from the very first moment. I will never forget that amazing onboarding experience.


Learning by helping


Marci’s first position was a junior supply analyst. His core activity was invoice matching for the Polish Business. It meant that he was responsible for the accounting of the invoices of products that bp bought for direct selling from 3rd party businesses in Poland. He cross-checked prices and volumes of these products with the supply team in Poland. Then, once the accounting was done by Marci and the team, the process was continued by a third-party organization, who managed the payments.


Luckily, I adapted to this role quite fast, so I started helping my teammates as well, supporting other businesses.

He claims that he had learned a lot during this period.


By assisting the others, I saw many different parts of the business and talked to more stakeholders. This helped me understand the big picture and all the related processes, which became beneficial for me when progressing in my career.


Catching up with the speed of the business


In September 2019 he was promoted and became a supply analyst, this time supporting the Spanish business. Although his main task remained invoice matching, the pace and the workload were quite different in this role. The Spanish business had stricter deadlines and a different kind of bureaucracy.


At first, it was a lot, but I was determined. I decided to catch up with the speed of this new business and after a few hard month-end close periods, I successfully did it.

After spending more than a year in this position, Marci feels like he adjusted to the Spanish business.


I am very proud that I manage to keep the accounting of the invoices in order, and that the financial reports reflect that as well. Besides that, I simplified processes, standardized my communication with the business, and even started learning Spanish, to avoid language barriers.

However, Marci soon passes this well-built business surrounding to his successor, as he was offered a new opportunity. He is happy to take on a new journey as a Senior Supply analyst, this time supporting our North American Fuels Business.



Supporting bp in realizing its aims


Besides the career opportunities, Marci says that another reason he really likes working at bp is the inclusive mindset. According to him, this culture makes everybody feel like they belong: people are encouraged to speak up and managers actually listen to their problems.


In our field, the work environment can be raw and over-focused on finances, where everybody needs to be incredibly precise. I love how bp’s people-focused way of thinking helps deal with any issues that colleagues may have.

Marci is also quite invested in bp’s new purpose – reimagine energy and becoming a net-zero company. He says that it is a direction for the company, that he can fully support and stand behind. He feels like his job is also connected to bp’s strategy – becoming an integrated energy company focused on delivering solutions for customers.


I feel like finance plays an important role in bp’s new strategy and it certainly fits into the big picture. That’s what I like about this field, and why I imagine myself working here for a long time. Finance is like the silent engine of the corporation; it is essential to have the company’s finances in order to enable bp to successfully undergo a transition of this scale. I want to do my best in my daily job, and with that support bp in realizing its aims.