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Móni's story

Soon after joining bp, Móni had the opportunity to take a trip overseas as part of a project. Now she is accounting for gas transactions happening in the US, while developing professionally and pursuing her passion for ice-hockey.

Móni’s life has always been filled with love for sports. During her high school and university studies she had spent 2 years abroad through a sport-scholarship. This experience made her realize how much she liked international environments and prompted her to work at a multinational company. Based on an advice from a friend, bp seemed to be the perfect choice for that. She joined in 2018 as a trading settlements senior analyst. 

Soon after her bp journey began, she was offered an opportunity to learn from colleagues in Houston.


I was able to spend all together 4 weeks in Huston, as part of this project. I easily created a friendly vibe with the US colleagues.

A great relationship developed between them, which did not disappear even after she came home. Móni appreciated that as she and the US colleagues still had some tasks to work on together online, once she returned to Hungary. After the successful ending of that project, she was promoted to be a lead analyst in November of 2019.



Complex tasks require great skills

Móni and her team of trading settlements analysts support the North American Gas sector. The team is responsible
for the settlement activities of the physical gas throughout the USA.


Our job is to handle both the payable and receivable invoices. We look for potential jams, discrepancies or differences. We are also in continuous contact with the customers as we are the ones they come back to if any problem occurs from their side. Due to that, we operate a small customer service unit. If there is an issue with the invoice from our side, we either contact the trader, who made that transaction or a volume analyst, who deals with quantities. When everything is reconciled, we record the transactions in the book.

Time management is a crucial skill for people in Móni’s team, as they are constantly dealing with the accounting of 160-200 counterparties per person.


Handling these many invoices and customers made me develop my time management and coordination skills. In our job, one must find a way of tracking their tasks in order not to forget anything.

Besides having to approve payments, being a trading settlements team lead means that she is also assigned to help other analysts should they have any difficulties during their daily jobs.


I love helping others and take on some extra people-focused processes. Of course, I still like doing regular accounting, but I feel like I am a people-management oriented person; I enjoy and coordinating and solving problems. This is what I would like to continue doing in the future.



Value the flexibility at bp

Móni states that that one of the factors she admires most about bp is its mindset and approach to things.


I love how open-minded everyone at bp is – they listen to different opinions and solutions and approach problems in a humane way. That is what brings this company forward. It makes employees feel the flexibility.

She also highlighted the opportunities she has been given, during her so far 2 years at bp.


Whenever I wanted to develop myself, I have always been able to participate in projects and my ideas have constantly been listened to– that is what motivates me.

After all the professional success, her hobby still managed to stay in Móni’s heart;


To switch off, I still like playing ice hockey. I met my husband in the hockey-field, and now it became our favourite free-time activity together. It really charges me and makes me feel ready to face any challenges that may come at work.