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Zsófi's story

Besides supporting German fuel card customers as her daily job, Zsófi is also part of the bp community as a brand and an ergonomics ambassador. 

After graduating from university in 2012, Zsófi was trying to figure out what the next chapter of her life was going to be. She felt like she was the best at speaking languages, especially German and English, so she decided to try herself out in the shared service industry. The next 5 years she worked for 3 different shared service centers. 


I usually changed workplaces because of too much workload. Other companies don’t see the people working for them, they only see full time employees, who need to perform, no matter what. This stress really affected me mentally.

Then bp came across her mind.  


I saw on Facebook that bp had an open day, so I registered. I attended it, applied for a job that very afternoon and less than a month later I was working in my current team.


For customers, I am Aral


Zsófi is a front office customer service representative of our Aral brand. Her team is providing support for fuel cards business partners of Aral in Germany.


We provide support for the customers in ordering fuel cards, invoice handling – or any other queries. For example, a truck driver from Germany can call us, standing at a fuel station in Spain having problems with their card.

Their customers are smaller delivery service provider or leasing companies with fleets of 5-10 vehicles. 


Working with German customers requires precision and honesty. They don’t like equivocation, they prefer simple, quick and effective solutions. They tell if they like something or not. For them, I’m not Zsófia Turi, for them I am Aral.


Receiving support from bp


Working with customers can be stressful sometimes. According to Zsófi, most of them don’t call to tell that a product is working perfectly, and everything is fine. Calling the customer service means they have a problem. Handling problems day by day might affect mental health. To combat that, bp provides different materials.


I have received access to many internal trainings at bp, much more than what previous workplaces provided to me. Getting this kind of support truly helps.

Zsófi also highlighted how bp makes it possible for everyone to participate at various trainings. These are not only professional trainings: there are a number of soft skills trainings available, too.


Assertive communication and time management are only a few skills that I gained during these sessions, that I can utilize in my everyday life too. I also frequently use LinkedIn Learning on my private computer.


Being an active member of the community


Zsófi is very active socially and an important member of the local bp community. She is a brand ambassador and an ergonomic ambassador. She holds a 15-minute-long session every week for colleagues, online. These ergonomic minutes aim to make co-workers at home feel as comfortable as possible. These include stretching, tips & tricks, collective exercising and best practice sharing. These seem to be incredibly useful during the extended home office period we are currently facing. Besides all of that, she is also doing a great job at her daily tasks. 


I love my job. For that, I needed a company for which I’m happy to work. I also really like my colleagues and I hope social interactions will get back to normal soon. I want to go above and beyond to support bp's aims and ambitions and I'm certain I'll be compensated in some form.