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A diverse choice of coveralls

Release date:
30 June 2021

For many years it has been the aspiration of our female colleagues working at Tangguh LNG Site to be able to wear a more comfortable flame-resistant coverall to perform their work, something that wasn’t met with the previous one-type only coverall design. The challenge has been getting the right design and the ability of our vendor.


In April the Site team decided to tackle this once and for all.


Using scrum-like approach, a small team with representatives from Site bpWIN, procurement, HSE&C and bp’s vendor were determined to deliver a minimum viable product with our female workers in mind. And they’ve done it! In only a couple of weeks, the prototype was delivered to be tested on Site and the rest is history. Now the two-piece coveralls are available for order to all our female colleagues working in the field at our LNG Site, Tangguh expansion project, as well as offshore on the drilling rig. Eventually it will also be available for our contractors if they choose to adopt it.


The two-piece coverall is made from the same material as our standard flame-resistant coverall with additional Velcro strips for seamless design and protection from workplace hazards e.g. snagging hazard, flash fire, etc.

Worker at Tangguh LNG wearing a two-piece coverall at site.

Worker at Tangguh LNG wearing a two-piece coverall at site.

Putting DE&I to work

Coverall design seems simple, but it is that simplicity that is often overlooked. So this is a positive step in our DE&I journey at bp Indonesia, because if everyone is comfortable when doing their job, they are more empowered to perform their job safely - proving that comfort and safety can go hand in hand after all.


Read more: https://www.bp.com/en/global/corporate/careers/life-at-bp/diversity-equity-and-inclusion.html