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Diversity, equity & inclusion at bp

“For me, it's very, very simple. People are treated with respect, people should absolutely feel safe – we shouldn't even have to question that. And, if ever we find people who are not supportive or aligned with that agenda, then they don't belong in our company.” 

Bernard Looney, chief executive officer

Wake-up call for the world

Mark has worked for bp for 20 years as assistant general counsel and has now added the responsibility as bp’s first senior vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). 


It was the deaths last year of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor that deeply impacted him and has now lit a fire in his conviction to drive further change at bp.  


As bp publishes its first DE&I report, we talk to him. 

We are a global business and as such it is paramount to us that the differences we see in the world around us are reflected in our workplace. To achieve this, we are building a diverse workforce by consciously attracting the best people to bp.


But this alone is not enough. For a diverse workforce to really thrive, we need inclusion, having a culture where everyone is valued and plays their part in building the success of our business. If we have an inclusive culture, this will help us attract the most diverse employee base.

A core element in achieving this is our bp employee networks, voluntarily set up by employees for employees. Their goal is to support bp's diversity and inclusion ambition, by creating an inclusive place to work, and helping to foster, develop and retain a diverse employee base at bp. You can find out more about a few of these diversity and inclusion key focus areas below. 

Aim 14: greater equity

Our aim 14 is greater diversity, equity and inclusion for our workforce and customers, and to increase supplier diversity spend to $1 billion.
We want our workforce and customers to experience greater equity – fair treatment according to everyone’s different needs and situations – while also helping our partners in the bp ‘ecosystem’ do the same. We’ll aim to do this by improving workforce diversity and workplace inclusion, making customer experiences more inclusive and increasing our annual expenditure with diverse suppliers, including female, and underrepresented or minority groups (supplier diversity) to $1 billion by 2025.

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