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We strive to provide an accessible work environment for everyone

We believe that people are not defined by their disabilities, and this certainly shouldn’t hold your career back. Across our business, we aim to break down barriers and perceptions of visible and invisible disabilities, long term illnesses and injuries.


We believe that it is important that we have an established common language and common principles around disability, to ensure we have a workplace where everyone can thrive. To achieve this we have partnered with the National Organization on Disability in the US. 


We work in partnership with Helen Cooke from MyPlus. To find out about the support we provide to students with disabilities and long term health conditions during the application and recruitment process, and within the workplace, please view our profile on MyPlus Students’ Club  - bp.

Our bp employee network – Accessibility, works to ensure everyone is able to reach their full potential by providing the tools and resources to make BP an inclusive and productive work environment for all staff. 


Externally, we are proud to support and partner with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), and to have National Paralympic partnerships in place with national paralympic teams including in the UK, US, Angola, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Trinidad, and Turkey.




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