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We strive to improve workplace accessibility because we recognize and celebrate the unique additional ‎strengths that people with diverse abilities bring to our teams

We are proud to support WeThe15, the human rights movement that aims to end discrimination against persons ‎with disabilities and transform the lives of the 1.2 billion people in the world with a disability – that’s 15% of the ‎whole world.‎

We strive to improve workplace accessibility because we recognize and celebrate the unique additional ‎strengths that people with diverse abilities bring to our teams. We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion ‎gives us a competitive advantage.‎

At bp, we know there is a disability inclusion challenge in the world. As an employer, a customer-facing ‎organization, and a corporate citizen we can and must play a role to improve inclusion for the estimated 15% ‎of the world’s population living with a disability.‎


We aim to create a more accessible global workplace with the support of our employee-led accessibility business ‎resource group, which focuses on disability, neurodiversity and mental wellbeing. We aspire to be a company ‎that is representative of, and serves the needs of, all people including those with disabilities.‎

Seeing the unseen
We are working to improve disability inclusion for all staff, including:


  • Inclusive recruitment training, disability awareness training, and specific internships and apprenticeships.
  • Assistive technology support for all employees: our digital function provides a globally available assistive technology support service, available to all employees. This can be used to access assistive technology solutions such as voice recognition software, screen ‎readers and motion tracking. 
  • Inclusive design of workplaces and processes: we conducted assessments of our core offices against Business Disability Forum standards, resulting in accessibility becoming a key aspect of the universal design guidelines for our offices, globally. We also aim to make our standard people processes as equitable as possible, so inclusivity and accessibility become part of what we do and benefit everyone, including colleagues who choose to not disclose their disability, neurodivergence, etc.
  • We improved bp’s communications by ensuring that our brand visual standards are more accessible, to provide a more inclusive experience for our employees. We worked with our neurodiverse community to ‎understand their needs and improved the legibility of our corporate typefaces, as well as building more ‎accessible colour palettes.
  • We regularly run awareness raising sessions across bp to ‎build knowledge and enable our people to better understand colleagues’ experiences.
Neurodiversity and me

External support and partnerships

  • bp is part of The Valuable 500 (V500), a coalition that brings big businesses together to unlock the potential ‎of the over 1.3 billion people worldwide living with disabilities.
  • We are members of the Business Disability Forum in the UK, which provides advice and access to research ‎and training; and we collaborate with other international firms in its global taskforce to improve ‎disability inclusion across organizations.‎
  • We work with MyPlus to support students with disabilities and long-term health conditions during the ‎application and recruitment process, and within the workplace.‎


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