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We aim to attract the best employees, no matter where they come from

International Day of Elimination of Racism

As a truly global business with employees in 62 countries around the world, it is critical that our employee base is made up of people from all ethnic backgrounds, representing the communities in which we operate. 


To ensure this, we have focused on driving improvements in ethnic representation through initiatives such as sponsorship, targeted recruitment and talent practices, as well as setting goals to make sure we are succeeding in key regions around the globe. 


For example, in the US we have implemented a number of initiatives focused on attracting, developing and retaining our ethnic minority employee base, as we continue to strive for improvements in our US minority representation. Internally we focus on developing minority employees through fostering an inclusive culture and better equipping line managers. Externally we have developed targeted recruitment strategies to broaden the diversity of talent applying for roles with us.


Our Positively Ethnic Network (PEN) was set up in 2006. PEN is the business resource group (BRG) that promotes the inclusion and representation of ethnic minorities at bp. It does this through mentoring, professional development and cultural awareness.


For example, the UK PEN has formed the Widening Participation Programme (WPP) which aims to promote the recruitment and advancement of UK-based ethnic minority employees, by teaching students how to use science, technology, engineering or mathematics to pursue careers in companies like ours.

A network of inclusivity  


Across our network, we’ve built some amazing business resource groups (BRGs) with representation in various countries across the globe. These are aimed at creating better engagement and making sure that our people feel seen, connected and supported – all while empowering you to feel a part of our inclusive world.

bp Black Collective
bp Black Collective logo
Representation matters and we are far greater when we support our Black and African American colleagues to thrive and feel like they belong. This is more than continuing the conversation, this takes strategy as well as action. So, we’re focussing on professional development, finding ways that empower our Black colleagues to develop and advance their careers to the fullest, and making meaningful improvements to our recruiting process so that it’s fair and inclusive. This is progress together.
bp Energia
bp Energia logo
We’re proud to be nationally recognized as a Latin-focused group that supports the US Minority Ambition and bp’s Latin America growth plan. But our ambitions carry on for all the Latin talent within bp and beyond. Our mission is to empower our Latin colleagues to develop and advance their careers to the fullest, and for the many Latin individuals outside of bp to know that here, they can shape a career as part of a diverse community that will value who they are.
bp Inclusia
bp Inclusia logo
When all voices are represented, that’s when we can truly thrive as a company. We come together with our internal and external strategic partners to inspire the development and advancement of our Asian colleagues, as well as engage with new Asian talent beyond bp. This is how we keep improving the representation, inclusion, retention and advancement of Asian employees and empower them to be part of bp’s success.
bp Indigenous
bp Indigenous logo
We empower people to bring their full selves to work and reach their potential. To make sure all our Indigenous colleagues are heard, supported and included, we’re building our community and weaving our voice into the fabric of bp. This means celebrating our Indigenous culture, values and traditions in a safe space where your ideas and feelings are heard.
bp Positively Ethnic Network (PEN)
bp PEN logo
Our PEN resource group works with our business to deliver on our framework for action to support full inclusion across bp. That means improving the representation, inclusion, retention and advancement of our ethnic minority workforce. It means advocating for transparency around diversity data. It means enabling the development of our communities. And it means putting our people first. 


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