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Local jobs created by rock production and transportation

Hear from Khadidiatou Diakite’, one of the local engineers who worked at the quarry
To construct the foundation of the hub terminal of the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) project, rock was mined at a quarry in Akjout, in central Mauritania, and transported by 170 trucks operating 24/7 for approximately 1 year along a ~275km road to the Nouakchott port. 


The size and scale of the quarry activity was huge: 10,000 tonnes per day of rocks were produced at the peak of operations and 2.1 million tonnes of rocks were used to complete the hub/terminal break water. 


Throughout the process of rock extraction and transportation, local content has been a driving force. bp’s contractor Effiage worked with over 80 local companies in Mauritania and hired five transportation companies, and sourced local employees from communities near the quarry, as well as across the country to work on the rock extraction and transportation. 


  • >250 local employees were recruited, trained and employed for the quarry - including many from local communities around Akjoujt
  • 50% of the workers in the quarry were residents, and approximately 400 people were employed during peak construction
  • >1000 drivers were recruited, trained and employed for the rock transportation

bp provided training for the suppliers through an induction programme and contributed to local SME capability development through delivery of training and upskilling in international health and safety, ethics and compliance, industry standards on anti-bribery and corruption.