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Stockpile (Nouakchott Harbor)

Learn what the process involved and why it was important for Mauritania’s economy
As part of our commitment to local content, bp aims to have a positive impact through growing local businesses, investing in sustainable development projects in the communities nearby the GTA project and developing national talent in the workforce.  

In Mauritania, the rock extraction and transportation, and the stockpile itself is a great example of this. 

Stockpile (Nouackhott Harbor)

The stockpile in Nouakchott, which was used during the first phase of the project to stock rocks ahead of transportation, is a new storage area that we built and are handing over to the port, significantly enhancing the port’s capacity by 160,000 m2 and leaving a lasting legacy. We have partnered with local companies to ensure opportunities for those with the right experience and capability to support our activities in-country and worked with organizations to support capacity building for local businesses. 


Over 200 local employees were recruited, trained and employed to run the stockpile operations.