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BP Connect Whitiora re-opens

Release date:
17 August 2016
BP drastically improves offer in Hamilton

BP Connect Whitiora re-opened this morning with a drastically improved offer after seven weeks of construction.


BP Communications Manager Shelley Brady says the company upgraded the store on Ulster Street in Hamilton in order to improve traffic flow and deliver a better total customer experience.

The upgraded 24-hour operation has widened lanes for easier access, increased parking, a carwash and BP’s full suite of quality fuels.


BP Connect Whitiora customers will also have access to BP Ultimate Diesel and BP Ultimate 98 with ACTIVE technology.

“After more than five years of research and testing our BP Ultimate customers in Hamilton can benefit from our best ever engine cleaning technology,” Brady says.

But according to BP, it’s not just their quality fuel that sets them apart from the rest, with BP Connect Whitiora also set to accept BP’s brand new “pay-in-car technology”.

BPMe is a brand new smartphone App that is said to speed up the re-fuelling process by allowing you to pay for your fuel from inside your car.

Brady says all the usual rules around not using your phone outside of your vehicle still apply.

“We’re really proud to have introduced this brand new technology to the New Zealand market first and to offer something truly unique to our customers,” she says.

While the pay-in-car feature is only available to BP’s commercial customers at the moment, customers can still download BPMe and use the Wild Bean Cafe loyalty feature and site finder until personal payments are made available later in the year.

Wild Bean Cafe is the number one retailer of barista-made coffee in New Zealand and has been serving Fairtrade Certified coffee since 2008.

Brady says BP Connect Whitiora’s upgraded Wild Bean Cafe will offer comfortable seating, free WIFI, phone charging stations, newspapers for customers to read while waiting and free coffee grinds to take home and use in their gardens.

“Our aim for our stores is pretty simple – we want to provide the best possible experience for our customers, no matter what they’re looking for.

“We’ve been perfecting our quality offer in New Zealand for 70 years and we are committed to setting the bar higher and higher,” she says.

The new BP Connect store will also be added to the company’s national carwash program that recycled more than 70 million litres of carwash water in the past 12 months alone – an initiative that other retailers are yet to implement to this level or scale.


BP has also invested in bright energy efficient LED lighting to reduce the site’s power consumption and has installed heat pump technology that allows exhaust heat from air conditioning and refrigeration plants to be recycled and used to heat the building’s water, delivering a more sustainable solution.

To celebrate the store’s grand re-opening, BP is offering 10 cents per litre discount for registered AA and AA Smartfuel cardholders who re-fuel at BP Connect Whitiora until 21 August, with all the usual terms and conditions.

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