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BP launches brand new ACTIVE Technology

Release date:
4 April 2016
Drivers given real benefits thanks to BP


After five years of research and testing BP has launched its brand new, best ever dirt-busting Ultimate fuels, and ongoing use of Ultimate Diesel could now give diesel drivers up to 56 kilometres more per tank.


BP’s new formulation is known as BP Ultimate with ACTIVE Technology and is designed to fight dirt, help protect against dirt build-up and help engines run as the manufacturer intended.


Everyday driving can cause deposits (dirt) to form – these can come in the form of hard soot particles from partially burned fuel, hard metal particles from worn engine components and carbon-like deposits that block injector holes.


BP General Manager of Fuels Debi Boffa said the company was excited to bring such an advanced new fuel offer into the NZ market.


“Dirt can clog important engine parts, rob a car of performance and make it feel sluggish, but what many people don’t know is that it can also damage an engine over time,” she said.


“Our new fuel can fight this dirt and help protect against dirt build-up, which is pretty ground-breaking.


A cleaner engine means a more efficient engine and compared to regular diesel that means some Ultimate Diesel customers could get more kilometres per tank and cost savings.


While engine performance will differ depending on your driving style, vehicle type, vehicle age and driving conditions, with ongoing use a cleaner engine means that the benefits of using Ultimate fuel are real.


“Our previous BP Ultimate fuel was pioneering when it was launched, but as engine technologies have evolved so must we,” Boffa said.


“We invested in this brand new technology because we think our customers deserve the best – whether their vehicle is new or old.


“We always aim to deliver top quality products and service through our fantastic people but our latest fuel launch really proves how seriously we take our fuel,” she said.


But Boffa said it’s not just BP’s quality fuel and great people that sets the company apart from the rest.


“BP’s award-winning Wild Bean Cafe serves Fairtrade Certified coffee, offers free WIFI and provides free newspapers for customers to read while they are waiting – not to mention offering the cleanest bathrooms around.”


ACTIVE Technology has been added to BP Ultimate 98 and BP Ultimate Diesel nationally and to Premium 95 on the North Island.


The benefits of BP Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE Technology are compared to regular diesel, achieved over time and based on a vehicle range of at least 830km per tank. The benefits claimed are based on industry standard drive cycles in a laboratory, may not reflect real world driving results and may not be attainable for all vehicles. Benefits may also vary due to vehicle type, vehicle condition, driving style, driving conditions, tank size and other factors.

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