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BPMe for business customers - Pay for fuel from your car

Release date:
21 July 2016
BP leapfrogs the competition wiht NZ's first in-car payment technology


Today, BP launched an impressive new in-car mobile payment technology that is set to make future visits to the pump even easier.

In a New Zealand first, BP’s brand new technology enables you to pay for your fuel from inside your car.


BP General Manager of Fuels and Marketing Debi Boffa says the technology is called BPMe and it was developed because customers wanted faster and simpler refuelling.

“BPMe makes things so much faster by removing congestion outside at the pump and inside at theregister…you don’t even need to reach for your wallet.

“When you arrive at one of our sites, BPMe knows where you are so all you have to do is confirm your pump and refuel – it’s almost too easy,” she says.

Removing the hassle of entering the shop is great for those who are in a rush, mobility impaired or have young children in the car. Goodbye Queues!

It also records all of your transactions and you can choose to have them emailed to you. Goodbye paper!


For business customers, BPMe paperless receipts will make things quicker and easier at tax time.

Personalisation features mean that if you always fill up with $40 worth of BP Ultimate 98 or, if you are a BP Fuelcard business customer who can only purchase diesel fuel, BPMe will remember.

TNT General Manager of Business Services Ruud Smeets says BPMe is logical, easy to use and convenient.

“At TNT we work around the clock in order to meet our customers’ delivery deadlines, so time is of the essence and time savings are really valuable.

“BPMe removes the queues and will help to get our drivers back on the road sooner,” he says.

BPMe will also replace printed Wild Bean Cafe loyalty cards and customers can sign up on the spot and start earning rewards straight away. No registration necessary!

But immediate access to great Wild Bean Cafe deals through BPMe is just the start.

“The options are endless for this new technology and we are excited to bring this brand new offer to the New Zealand market first,” Boffa says.

“We are always looking for new ways to make the customer experience at BP a whole lot better and we love the fact that we can do that through BPMe.”

The BPMe pay-in-car service is available now to selected BP Fuelcard customers and can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices.

While BPMe is being offered to business customers at selected sites first, BP says the retail customer version will be available soon.

“BPMe will accept credit and debit card payments soon and, if you have an AA Smartfuel loyalty card, you will be able to check your balance, redeem and accrue right there on the spot,” Boffa says.

“If you’re not a BP business customer and you don’t have a BP Fuelcard, you can still download BPMe and you’ll be push-notified when the personal payment features are ready.”

BPMe will be available from the App Store and Google Play Store on Monday 25 July. For more detail, visit www.BPMe.co.nz.

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