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Pay from your car & pre-order your coffee with BPMe

Release date:
27 March 2018
‘It works like magic, I can’t wait to use it again!’ are not words you expect to hear following a service station visit, but that’s exactly what BP customers are saying all over New Zealand


The positive reaction is in response to the BPMe app, which allows customers to pay for their fuel, use AA Smartfuel or Wild Bean Cafe loyalty functionality, and remotely pre-order their Wild Bean Cafe coffee. The technology is fully proven and available at BP stores nationwide, with the app first available in July 2016, and remote coffee pre-order functionality added in October 2017.


BP Managing Director Debi Boffa says the sole purpose of BPMe is to make the customer experience at BP a whole lot better.


“We understand that time is precious to our customers, so we set about delivering a solution that’s designed to make the BP experience faster and easier.


“Removing the hassle of entering the shop is great for our valued customers who may be in a rush, mobility impaired or have young children in the car.“


Our friendly store staff will know you’re a BPMe customer when you’re refuelling, and if you give them a wave, they can even pop out and take over if they’re free.”


“BPMe makes things much faster by removing congestion outside at the pump and inside at the register…you don’t even need to reach for your wallet,” she says.


BPMe will even personalise your customer experience.


Personalisation features mean that if you always fill up with $40 worth of BP Ultimate 98 or, if you are a BP Fuelcard business customer who can only purchase diesel fuel, BPMe will remember. The app also stores your previous coffee order which speeds things up if you need your coffee fix in a hurry.


Customers can add their AA Smartfuel loyalty card and take advantage of its full functionality within a transaction. BPMe can even replace your printed Wild Bean Cafe loyalty card, removing that bit of annoying extra plastic hanging from your keys. Not a Wild Bean Cafe member? Not a problem. You can sign up on the spot in your car and start earning rewards straight away.“


We love the fact that everything will be right there in your hand, eliminating the need for your plastic cards,” says Boffa.


“It’s almost too easy!“


It also records all of your transactions and you can choose to have them emailed to you.”


For business customers, BPMe paperless receipts will no doubt make things quicker and easier at tax time.


Boffa says BP’s usual policies still apply and phones shouldn’t be used outside of the car, taking time to note that the existing stringent safety measures and staff are fully trained in these.“


Stopping the use of mobile phones on the forecourt is one of the many things our staff are already trained on, but of course their safety training isn’t just limited to that.”


BPMe is about accelerating and personalising the refuelling experience through mobile payment technology and it’s as simple as installing an app on your iOS or Android phone.


“It’s like having BP in your pocket,” Boffa says.“


The options are endless for this great technology and we are excited to be able to offer our customers more and more services through this digital offer, which is a New Zealand market first.


For more detail, visit www.BPMe.co.nz.

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