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Invest in Africa Africa (IIA)

bp works with non-for-profit organization Invest in Africa Africa (IIA) as a part of our ongoing commitment to GTA local content.


A strong, transparent and safe supply chain is key to bp’s success in Senegal and beyond. We therefore look for qualified suppliers to provide best-in-class materials and services wherever we work. bp works with IIA as a founding member to support the contractor/supplier registration process for our activities in Senegal. 


Launched in 2019, an online tendering platform - APP Senegal - connects international companies to the local economy, allowing buyers to display supplier profiles, search for products and services, view validated information on suppliers and filter through suppliers using key criteria including financial data, work experience and HSE compliance. This process helps matching buyers with the right supplier. 

For more information on IIA and how local businesses can become involved in their work and potential suppliers for bp, please see investinafrica.com.