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BPTT to focus on technology

Release date:
19 November 2020

BPTT will be focusing on improving its operations and progressing its major projects, according to Regional President Claire Fitzpatrick.


Fitzpatrick was speaking during a session at BPTT’s booth at the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference. She was giving a recap of 2019 and a brief look ahead to 2020.


Last year’s performance was mixed for BPTT. The company brought its newest platform Angelin online, encountered exploration success with its Ginger well and progressed the Cassia C development. These successes were offset by disappointing results in BPTT’s infill drilling programme.


Fitzpatrick explained that BPTT’s activities in 2019 set the company up with a strong base for the long-term. Angelin was important in terms of production. Cassia C will also add production and was important because it represented BPTT’s continued partnership with TOFCO which is building the jacket for the Cassia C platform. 


In 2020, Fitzpatrick said that BPTT will continue to implement technology which is aimed at making the company’s operations safer and more efficient while also reducing carbon emissions. The company will be progressing the Matapal and Cassia C projects and will continue the process of evaluating the Ginger discovery with a view to moving it to the development phase.


BPTT is hosting engagement session at its booth at TTEC to provide updates on topics such as major projects, low carbon activities and doing business with BPTT.


Fitzpatrick said: “2019 was a mixed year for us. We had challenges but it was also a year in which we enjoyed success with Angelin and our Ginger exploration well. In 2020 we intend to focus on bringing our major projects through and employing the latest technology to improve our operations and lower our carbon emissions.”


Further information:

Ryan Chaitram:  689-5648  ryan.chaitram@bp.com  

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