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BPTT planning for low carbon future

Release date:
19 November 2020

BPTT is already working on a low carbon future, according to Vice President Corporate Operations Giselle Thompson.


Globally, BP describes its approach as meeting the dual challenge, that is, meeting growing energy needs but doing so that does not harm the environment. BP expects energy demand to rise by about one third with most of that demand coming from the developing world. At the same time, BP and other energy producers are being urged by investors to tackle carbon emissions. CO2 emissions are projected to grow by about 10 percent by 2040.


BP is approaching the problem through its Reduce, Improve, Create framework through which the company is reducing emissions in its operations; improving its products to help customers lower their emissions; and creating new low carbon businesses.In Trinidad and Tobago, BPTT has developed a low carbon plan which focuses on reducing emissions in areas such as logistics and infrastructure, power generation and facility design. BPTT is also working with the University of T&T and the University of the West Indies and the University of Texas to explore opportunities in carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS).


Thompson said that Trinidad and Tobago could use its experience as a hydrocarbon producer to take advantage of opportunities to lower carbon emissions. This could include opportunities in CCUS and in the development of hydrogen as a fuel.


Thompson said: “We have to embrace the challenge by firstly getting our own houses in order – reducing emissions and focusing on conservation in our own operations. Secondly, we need to collaborate – operators, service providers, government, academia to identifying lower carbon business models that can help to make our existing hydrocarbon industry greener. We need to identify new, non-traditional energy opportunities and this will require new ways of thinking and new ways of working together.”



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