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Matapal, Cassia C on track

Release date:
19 November 2020

BPTT’s Matapal and Cassia C projects are on track, according to Project General Manager Michael Daniel.


Daniel gave an update on BPTT’s major projects at the company’s booth at the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference on Tuesday.


Cassia C is a compression project which will enable BPTT to access and produce low pressure gas reserves from currently producing fields in the Greater Cassia Area, maximizing recovery from these existing resources.  The platform will have a throughput capacity of 1.2 billion standard cubic feet of gas a day (bcfd).  The project was sanctioned in 2018 and is expected to come online in 2021.


The Matapal project will develop the gas resources discovered by BPTT in 2017 with the Savannah exploration well. The project will be a three-well subsea tie-back to the existing Juniper platform. With production capacity of 400 million standard cubic feet of gas a day, first gas from Matapal is expected in 2022.

Both developments are part of BPTT’s Area Development plan which outlines the direction and pace of the company’s activities to develop our resources in the Columbus Basin. The plan includes a combination of exploration, development projects and activities focused on maximizing production from existing fields. 

Daniel gave an update on the Galeota Expansion Project which will extend the life of BPTT’s onshore processing facility for another minimum of 20-plus years. The facility receives all of the water and condensate from our BPTT offshore fields offshore and processes these liquids into market quality crude/condensate and produced water.
GEP is expected to be completed within the first half of of this year.

BPTT is also progressing work on its Cypre development. Cypre, which has not yet been sanctioned, is being designed according to what BP calls a “minimal NUI (normally unmanned installation)” concept. The intention is to develop a platform that is simpler to operate, safer and greener through reduced emissions.

The project is progressing through BP’s project approval process.


Daniel said: “Matapal and Cassia C are the latest in a long line of projects that BPTT have invested in to develop resources off the east coast. We have a conveyor belt of future developments that will allow us to continue to deliver gas to the market.  We are excited by the challenge to create new facility designs that are greener and safer. We believe we can do this with the new Cypre platform.  We are proud that the jacket for the Cassia C facility is being fabricated in La Brea at TOFCO and it is nearing completion. We are looking forward to moving it into location in the coming months in time for commissioning works to begin. "


Further information:

Ryan Chaitram:  689-5648 ryan.chaitram@bp.com  

Luis Araujo: 793-3374  luis.araujo@bp.com