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BPTT focusing on local content

Release date:
19 November 2020

BPTT is continuing its focus on promoting local content in its activities in 2020.


Coming out of our stakeholder engagement sessions in 2019, the company in January published an expression of interest covering a number of services to support the operations and launch of a website to facilitate the submission of information for vendors interested in working with BPTT.


This will help BPTT to better understand the market and will be used as input into our strategies going forward, and inform how it approaches the market.


Based on the information received, the company is also considering hosting focused development workshops aimed at building awareness of BP’s requirements and expectations.


Members of the company’s Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) provided an update on ‘Doing Business with BPTT’ at the BPTT’s booth at the T&T Energy Conference on Monday.


BPTT is a signatory to the Energy Chamber’s Local Content Charter. The company focuses on maximizing what is termed as value retained in country and it encourages its service suppliers to do the same. Over the past few years BPTT surveyed its top spend suppliers annually to keep up to date information on local content in its supply chain.  In 2019, (2018 spend) the Company estimated about 90 percent of its operational spend continued with locally incorporated or registered suppliers, of that circa 60% was retained in county.  BPTT is currently supporting the Energy Chamber, along with other Upstream Operators, in launching an industry Local Content Management System planned for 2020.


One of the leading examples of BPTT’s approach to local content can be seen through its commitment to local fabrication which has seen six platforms fabricated in La Brea. The jacket for BPTT’s latest platform, Cassia C, is also being fabricated in La Brea.


There has also been significant local content in the Galeota Expansion Project which is due to come onstream this year. Over 90% of the labour resources used on this project were TT nationals, while 60% of Field Procurement spend was with TT suppliers and all major construction services (100%) were delivered by local sub-contractors. Additionally, the Cassia C Compression project has targeted  local content contribution via, Local Fabrication, Brownfield project management and execution, logistics/manpower support Services and Offshore Hook-up and Commissioning.


The Local Content Charter was signed in 2017 by CEOs of T&T’s major upstream and downstream companies. It is meant to promote a voluntary, industry-led process for companies to collaborate on issues such as retaining value in T&T and implementing policies and programmes to help improve local suppliers’ competitiveness and health, Safety and Environment performance.



Further information:

Ryan Chaitram:  689-5648  ryan.chaitram@bp.com  

Luis Araujo: 793-3374  luis.araujo@bp.com