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BPTT using tech, data to improve

Release date:
19 November 2020

Technology such as digital twinning is enabling better performance at BPTT and the use of data science is reducing the time normally taken to complete complex analysis.

At an engagement session at the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference on Tuesday, the company gave an overview of how it is using technology across its operations.

Examples of technology application include:
• Applications to improve seismic acquisition and interpretation 

• Digital twinning of facilities which improves of production management by simulating different scenarios and conditions 

• Ceramic screens which help with sand management and improves access to smaller and more challenging fields. 


BPTT is already beginning to see benefits from its use of technology. In 2019, the company announced success at its Ginger exploration well. Ginger is part of an exploration programme which is based on new approaches seismic acquisition and interpretation that has improved understanding of the subsurface.


Digitization and the increased use of data are common themes among the technologies that are being used in BPTT’s operations.  These are creating new operating insights and allowing the company to trial new techniques aimed at reducing the time taken to interpret seismic volumes and identify prospects for exploration drilling.
BPTT is also using technology to transition to a lower carbon future.  They are installing Gas Cloud Imaging technology that will detect gas leaks within their operations.


BPTT plays an important role in BP’s operations, accounting for approximately 16% of BP’s global production. The T&T operations have also taken the lead in the application of some technologies in the upstream. For example, Apex, a digital model of BPTT’s complete production system is the largest within BP, containing 15 platforms, 3 production hubs and the entire network of pipelines.


Further information:

Ryan Chaitram:  689-5648  ryan.chaitram@bp.com  

Luis Araujo: 793-3374  luis.araujo@bp.com