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ICROA audits

Our customers want to be assured that their efforts to tackle their emissions and go carbon neutral are supported by the very best advice and only involve carbon offsetting schemes and projects that meet the very highest standards

As a member of ICROA, BP Target Neutral is independently audited each year to ensure that we operate in compliance with ICROA’s Code of Best Practice.

Auditing checks that our carbon measurement and carbon credits are in accordance with international standards and that we use appropriate third-party registries to retire and remove carbon credits used for offsetting.

It also checks that we help our customers to set challenging targets to go beyond business-as-usual in their efforts to assess emission reduction opportunities and prioritise cost-effective actions.

For further information please refer to The ICROA Code of Best Practice

Click here to view the current BP Target Neutral Conformance with ICROA Code of Best Practice.

Click here to view the current Certificate of Quality Assurance for Carbon Management and Offset Services, BP Target Neutral.

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