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BPme Rewards customer loyalty

5 June 2019
bp launches its first company-owned loyalty scheme to customers across the UK

bp today announced the launch of a new customer loyalty programme, BPme Rewards, across the bp retail network in the UK. 

BPme Rewards offers customers the option to earn and redeem BPme Rewards Points, for the first time, with the choice of using either a digital card on the BPme app or a physical card, to collect points. 

Nicola Grady-Smith, bp Retail Operations Director UK said: “BPme Rewards is our exciting new personalized loyalty programme that allows customers to earn points on fuel and in-store purchases at bp’s UK forecourts, with double the points on bp Ultimate fuels. Customers can choose between spending their points for fuels, in store, or on a range of offers available online.”

Customers will earn points on both their fuel and shop purchases, including M&S products, and double points on bp Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology. They collect 1 point per pound on every in-store purchase, and up to 2 points per litre on fuels. Customers can choose to redeem a treat or save points for fuels purchases, a broad range of items from the online catalogue or vouchers from Amazon or M&S. Redemption is available with as little as 200 points, the equivalent of £1, and customers receive a registration bonus of 250 points.

Addition for B2B titles 

Our Dealer partners will also benefit from BPme Rewards, not only from the double bonus for premium fuels, which will drive premium fuel grade sales, but also from the expected increase of shop sales, facilitated by in-store redemption offers. 

Howard Nunn, UK Sales Manager, adds: “Our Dealer partners told us they wanted a loyalty programme that allows customers to spend their points in-store on their products. BPme Rewards does just that, with personalized offers to encourage customers into stores for a range of convenient and high-quality products.”

Through the BPme app and BPme Rewards website customers can collect additional bonus points through targeted and personalised offers and promotions. 

Notes to editors

  • bp owns and operates more than 300 forecourts in the UK, with a further 900 bp-branded sites owned and operated by independent dealers. The first bp M&S Simply Food store was opened in 2005 at bp Hammersmith in London. There are now more than 230 in the UK.
  • bp offers a range of quality unleaded and diesel fuels. Its premium Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology are specially formulated to remove existing engine dirt and protect against its build up and offer a range of benefits for drivers.   
  • The BPme app was launched last year and is a new way for customers to manage their BPme Rewards account and pay for fuel from the comfort of their vehicle, making customer journeys easier, faster and more convenient.
  • BPme Rewards points are awarded depending on the customers' purchase, £1 in shop = 1 point, 1L of regular fuel = 1 point, 1L of Ultimate fuel = 2 points. Exceptions apply.


For more details visit BPmeRewards

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