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BPme app

Pay for fuel and earn rewards with the BPme app

BPme is changing the way you pay for fuel from your car forever - easier, faster and more convenient.


Easy payment  

The new BPme app is easy to use, just put in your pump number, the amount you want to spend, then fill up with fuel and go.


Access your BPme Rewards account

BPme gives you access to your BPme Rewards card on your phone, so don't worry if you forget your plastic card. You can also earn points when you pay for fuel from your car automatically. 


Manage your receipts 

Once you’ve finished fueling and are back in your vehicle, you’ll receive confirmation that your transaction is completed. We’ll also send you an email receipt for your records.


Find your nearest BP

With our built in station finder, it’s easy to find your closest BP forecourt.

A quick guide to BPme

How it works

1. Download for free now!

Find BPme in either the App Store or Google Play depending on your device. Once you’ve downloaded BPme, follow on-screen steps to register.


2. Register your payment card

Enter your card details into ‘Account Payment Details’ BPme currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and BP Plus Fuel Cards..


3. Get little treats, more often!

With BPme Rewards, you can earn points on purchases made with BPme. You're also able to view offers and opt in to them, to boost your points balance faster. You can also easily view your BPme Rewards points balance even pull up your loyalty card in the app to present in-store. Remember:

  • BPme has been designed to minimise data and battery usage and as long as you have at least 3G mobile signal you are ready to go.
  • The built in Station Finder facility will show your nearest stations and BPme enabled stores can be easily identified by filtering BPme Enabled Stores.
Using BPme is easy
  1. Open the app and login if required. Please note if you're logging in on a new device or browser, you may be emailed a verification code which is needed to log onto BPme. 
  2. The app will confirm which station you are at
  3. Select your pump number and choose either:
    Preferred fill amount or
    Full tank (please note full tank will send a pre-authorisation of £150 to your bank as this is the maximum fill)
  4. When the ‘Start Fueling’ message appears leave your phone securely in your vehicle and fill up as normal
  5. Once you have finished fueling and are back in your vehicle you will receive confirmation that your transaction is completed. You will also be sent an e-mail receipt for your records.