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Keep your fleet moving with the bp fuel network

We've put a lot of strategic thought into our fuel network to make sure it's convenient for fleets of every size and shape.

UK network for all fleets


Gain access to the largest number of motorway fuel sites in the UK, with over 1,200 bp fuel sites and 2,200 partner sites, including 540 bunker sites designed specifically for HGVs. Thanks to the bp network, your fleet has access to 12K+ charging stations in the UK, and this number is growing. With bp fuel cards, the right station is always on the way, meaning drivers can get to their destination faster and without detours.

Discover international fuel network with ROUTEX fuel cards


If your drivers cross into Europe, rest assured they can harness the convenience of a huge network spanning 30K+ sites in 32 European countries. ROUTEX is an international network alliance between Aral, bp, Circle K, Eni and OMV which you can access with a bp + Aral fuel card. Keep your drivers happy with quality sites and truck-ready stops conveniently located on motorways and main logistics routes.

Cross-acceptance partners


Take advantage of our cross-acceptance deal with Total and enjoy the wider fuel network of 4,000 sites in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Poland.


Our cross-acceptance partner agreements also enable fleet access to alternative lower-carbon fuels such as HVO, LNG, CNG and H2 across Europe, supporting our customers with fleet decarbonisation.

Strengthen your business with bp tools and products

In a changing world, bp is here to help you find the right mobility solutions while adapting to your specific needs.
Find out which of our fuel cards best suits the needs and scope of your fleet.
Control your costs and maximise your performance with our digital tools.