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bp meets Total - even more stations for BP fuel card holders

BP + Aral Fuel Cards now accepted at Total

Discover our cross-acceptance deal with Total and enjoy wider fuel card acceptance network in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Poland. Our partnership enables you to keep your business connected and competitive. Benefit from a more convenient network of high-quality fuel sites.


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Which bp fuel card that can be used on Total stations

Access over 4,000 sites across Europe

With the agreement in place, BP + Aral Fuel Card holders have access to over 4,000 Total stations, which brings your acceptance network to massive 24,000 sites in 32 countries.

Cross-acceptance in Germany

Benefit from improved site density in all regions of Germany. Our  agreement with Total gives all BP Fuel card holders access to additional 900+ Total sites, bringing the BP Fuel Card acceptance network to over 2,450 sites across the country.

Cross-acceptance in the Netherlands 

Access additional strategically located sites in the Benelux. Now BP Fuel Card holders gain access to 350+ Total sites in the Netherlands, bringing the acceptance network to over 1,100 sites, and to 2,075 Total sites in Belgium.

Sites available 24/7

Keep your drivers happy with a choice of excellent amenities, groceries and refreshments available 24/7 at most BP and Total sites.

About Total

Total is an internationally operating producer and supplier of energy, a leading oil and gas company and a renowned player in the field of sustainable energy. The company is active in 130 countries. Since 2019 BP + Aral Fuel card holders have been able to use their cards at 4,000 European Total fuel sites.