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Carbon offsetting with bp Target Neutral

Balance emissions with offsetting

The bp Target Neutral service quantifies your fleet’s emissions from fuel use and provides support and information to help you reduce them. Then it lets you offset the residual emissions by financially supporting global carbon offsetting projects.

You’ll be able to automatically offset* your vehicle’s remaining carbon emissions when paying for fuel.

*You’ll need to manually opt-in for this service or your offsetting won’t happen automatically. Contact your account manager to find out more.
Balance emissions with offsetting
How does bp Target Neutral work

How does bp Target Neutral work

Purchase carbon credits – When you ask us to help you offset your emissions, bp Target Neutral will purchase and retire carbon credits based on the quantity of your emissions.

International registry – bp Target Neutral works with bp Trading & Shipping to buy and bank these carbon credits, ready for use. When a credit is bought and then used, it is retired to an audited international registry.

Projects reducing emissions – Global projects are awarded a carbon credit for each tonne of carbon they reduce or replace, which they sell for funding.
Since 2006, bp Target Neutral has helped customers reduce and offset over 8m tonnes of carbon**.

** bp Target Neutral. Your journey to lower carbon starts here.
Projects reducing emissions