The project

As one of the UK’s largest low carbon hydrogen production facilities, H2Teesside aims to bring jobs, customers, and investment to Teesside.

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The project

bp and ADNOC are proud to be leading the development of the H2Teesside project, helping to achieve the UK’s ambition of 10GW of hydrogen production capacity by 2030. We aim to be one of the UK’s largest low carbon hydrogen production facilities, targeting over 1GW of hydrogen production by 2030 – 10% of the UK’s target.
Th project

The project will capture and send approximately two million tonnes of CO₂ per year to Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP) East Coast Cluster for secure storage. This is equivalent to capturing the emissions from the heating of one million UK households. H2Teesside will supply a diverse range of customers, including those already established in the region as well as new businesses attracted to low carbon hydrogen produced at scale.

The quality of jobs and upskilling opportunities provided by the development of H2Teesside would contribute to levelling-up efforts in the region. The project will provide more than 600 direct jobs, with another 1,200 indirect job opportunities in the UK supported by H2Teesside by 2027.


bp will invest in green skills by launching a dedicated skills programme for H2Teesside. The programme will provide £11.5 million in funding and aim to reach more than 5,000 people, inspiring the next generation of talent, ensuring local people benefit from near-term job opportunities and seeding knowledge and innovation.

Our health, safety, and environmental commitment

We are enabling the world to be a better place by providing renewable energy to decarbonise energy systems.

We care about people - our employees and those that work with us.
We care about the planet - we provide clean energy to society, to reduce our impact and to protect and enhance biodiversity and habitats.

We care about the communities in which we work in - to be a force for good, to listen and collaborate with the people in the areas where we work.

To achieve our culture of care we:

  • genuinely care about each other
  • will not compromise our focus on safety
  • encourage and recognise speak up
  • understand how work actually happens
  • learn why mistakes occur and respond supportively

No matter what, we aim to do the right thing and meet our obligations, comply with the law of the land and look to continuously improve.


We believe this project will bring significant benefit to the local community. We will be considering the opportunities that may become available and keeping you up to date through this website.

As a project, our behaviour will be open, constructive, collaborative and solutions-focused

We will seek to:

  • Listen to our stakeholders, and engage with integrity and respect
  • Set out our principles openly and transparently, published on the project website
  • Recognise differences and work together to find mutually acceptable solutions that are reasonable and proportionate to our impact in the local area.