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Donation and fundraising

People working at bp in Hungary often get together to raise money for good causes

Around four times as year, campaigns are organized to collect money for certain causes, as part of corporate social responsibility agenda of bp and which colleagues are committed to help. In 2018, bp running ambassadors collected more than 250.000 HUF to help the work of the
 Smile Foundation (Mosoly Alapítvány).  The Smile Foundation is a Budapest-based, non-profit organization with ‘free of charge’ hospital therapy programmes for children. 

Beside the many fundraising activities which are organised throughout the year, the biggest one is organised at year-end the Christmas Shoebox Drive (Cipősdoboz akció). The mission of this annual charitable movement to collect and give a surprise box with Christmas gifts to children who lives in less privileged parts of Hungary. To this initiative bp in Hungary joined in 2011 and the number of boxes collected is growing every year. In 2018 more than 700 boxes got donated by bp employees, which is more than 1% of the total number of boxes collected in the whole country. In order to give a bigger boost to the campaign after each box delivered bp Hungary donated 3000 HUF to good causes, all of them related to support the children’s welfare. At the end of the campaign besides the boxes bp in Hungary and its employees donated more than 4 million Forints.
Besides the financial help, bp also supports local organisations with other kinds of assets. Office tools, furniture in good condition were donated to local primary schools, which is not only helping them but also the right step for sustainability.