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Tangguh LNG

Tangguh LNG is a unitized development of six gas fields located in the Wiriagar, Berau and Muturi Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs) in Bintuni Bay, Papua Barat
Tangguh LNG

The gas reserves were discovered in the mid-1990s by Atlantic Richfield Co. (ARCO). Tangguh LNG is operated by BP Berau Ltd. (100% owned by bp). Other wholly-owned bp subsidiaries at Tangguh LNG development are BP Muturi Holdings B.V., BP Wiriagar Ltd. and Wiriagar Overseas Ltd. – giving bp a 40.22% consolidated interest in Tangguh LNG.


Other Tangguh Partners are:

  • MI Berau B.V. (16.30%)
  • CNOOC Muturi Ltd. (13.90%)
  • Nippon Oil Exploration (Berau) Ltd. (12.23%)
  • KG Berau Petroleum Ltd (8.56%)
  • KG Wiriagar Petroleum Ltd. (1.44%)
  • Indonesia Natural Gas Resources Muturi Inc. (7.35%)

Tangguh started production in 2009, just four years after its initial sanction by the Government of Indonesia, and is now operating at design capacity with work currently ongoing to expand the plant through the addition of a third train (Train 3).

About Tangguh LNG
Tangguh social programme
Tangguh Papuan technician apprentice programme
Tangguh social commitment

The Tangguh Technician Apprentice Programme is designed to train its participants into skilled technicians who are ready to work at bp or other oil and gas projects.

Various competencies are taught in this intensive three-year programme, such as physics, math, chemistry, English, oil & gas production, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, work safety amongst others.


The programme is aimed towards indigenous Papuans living in Papua Barat with minimum high school qualifications and maximum 4-year Diploma degree and are between 16 to 30 years old.

112 Papuan youths participate in the three-year, intensive program with 32 having completed the program and are now currently working as technicians at Tangguh LNG.

This is a reflection of Tangguh LNG's commitment to the development of local Papuan workforce to meet a 85% Papuan workforce by 2029. Through this programme, Tangguh created a platform to prepare local talent for a better Papua Barat.