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What is ACTIVE technology?

Active technology is our best-ever cleaning technology which gets to work the moment you start your engine
ACTIVE technology

How does it work?

bp’s unique formulation uses ACTIVE technology to fight dirt in two clever ways:

  1. Active molecules attach themselves to dirt, dragging it away from the important parts of your fuel system.
  2. They also hold onto the metal surfaces of clean engines, forming a protective layer which stops dirt binding onto the metal.


With on-going use, all bp fuels with ACTIVE technology form a barrier against dirt on critical engine components to help stop it coming back, and help keep your engine working as the manufacturer intended.


Where is it available?

You can find ACTIVE technology in the following fuels:

  • bp Ultimate Diesel
  • bp Ultimate 98
  • Premium 95 


bp fuels with ACTIVE technology are specially formulated to fight dirt in both old and new engines.