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National Institute of Oil and Gas (INPG)

Recent MoU extension signature

Recent MoU extension signature

bp is proud of its support, alongside Kosmos Energy, to Senegal’s National Oil and Gas Institute (INPG).

bp worked closely with Government, academic and industry representatives to identify an approach to establish and support the INPG, a national institute that plays a key role in the development of Senegal’s energy sector, and aims to deliver tangible benefits for Senegal into the future.

bp’s contributions have included providing financial support for the construction of the centre, equipment and the running of training sessions.  
Through INPG, bp has also supported scholarships, including masters’ students who recently undertook internship assignments in Malaysia. In addition,  INPG has played a key role in the GTA technicians’ training programme , providing technical training in-country - including modules on introduction to oil and gas, maths and HSSE 
As part of our own commitment to people development, bp has partnered with the INPG since 2018 and has recently extended our partnership by another 4 years, until 2025. 

“bp has played a foundational role in establishing the INPG. This is an important initiative designed to develop national capability for the emerging oil and gas sector in Senegal and increase the opportunities for Senegalese workers to grow their skills and play a key role in the industry. We look forward to seeing the Institute become a sustainable centre of excellence for the industry”. 


Aguibou Ba- Executive Director of the National Oil and Gas Institute (INPG)