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National technician training  programme

Watch this video to learn more about the apprentice technician course
As part of the GTA project, and its commitment to local content in Mauritania and Senegal, bp developed the national technician training programme.  


The 4-year programme is designed to develop capabilities of national technicians for the GTA project. The participants are trained across multi disciplines to work safely and compliantly on bp’s facilities in Mauritania and Senegal and to support the project’s phase 1 operations when they come on-stream.  

More than 4000 applications were received and screened across both countries in a transparent process.  The diversity of candidates was testament to the far-reaching advertisement campaign, screening and assessment process.  As a result of this, in January 2020, the national apprentice technicians were recruited to take part into this multi-year training programme. 

Our apprentice technicians are currently resident in Glasgow, at Forth Valley College, Falkirk (Scotland) completing their 15-month technical training programme’.

Mathieu Thiara Biangaize - Senegal

Mathieu Thiara Biangaize

“Being one of the beneficiaries of this programme is a dream come true but also a challenge. Senegal is counting on us a lot and bp has invested a lot in us and we won’t disappoint them. Working together with Mauritania will also strengthen intercultural exchange.”


Mathieu Thiara Biangaize - Senegal