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Social investment

Since the establishment of bp’s presence in Senegal, bp and partners have invested in the development of a social investment programme that enhances the quality of life in the communities we work in and creates long-term opportunities for local development. 


Local implementing organisations are partnering with bp to deliver our activities. 

All our activities are enabled by bp’s Ethics and Compliance requirements, to guarantee that transparent, inclusive and fair procedures are followed.

Following community consultation, four key areas were identified:

Community health

Promote the health of the people in the community by strengthening access and quality to health services and promote community awareness of hygiene and sanitation. Improving the technical capacity of local health care providers.
Promote the health of the people in the community

Economic development

Support local economic development by investing in different areas such as: support to fishing and women cooperatives, support for alternative livelihoods, local SME development, micro-finance in combination with vocational education, business-skills training and wider support for entrepreneurship services for men, youth and for community based-enterprises.
Economic development


Develop initiatives to increase environmental awareness and sustainable management of natural resources, marine biodiversity research and improving access to sustainable water.


Support in programmes to improve access and quality of education in primary and secondary schools, STEM education, digital skills development, school infrastructure rehabilitation, economic and business skills for the youth. 

Social investment case studies