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Community health

Ambulance donation
Another key area of bp’s investment programme is focused on providing access to affordable and quality healthcare to the local communities.


Over the years bp and its partners, Petrosen and Kosmos, supported six local health facilities by providing equipment and training for medical workers. Working with implementing partner Enda Santé, bp contributed to the delivery of other activities including:


Guet-Ndar medical outpost ambulance donation

A medical ambulance was donated to the Guet-Ndar medical outpost, in the Langue de Barbarie, one of the most densely populated areas of the country. The ambulance supports emergency response in an area where inhabitants were lacking adequate means of transport in case of accidents and emergencies.


Medical equipment was made available to the three medical outposts (Santhiaba, Goxu Mbacc and Guet Ndar) and the healthcare centre (Hydrobase) on Langue de Barbarie enhancing the quality of local healthcare.


In 2021 bp also started the rehabilitation activities of the regional St Louis Hospital focusing on maternal-child healthcare and emergency support. 

St louis hospital maternal and child healthcare

Goxu-Mbacc medical outpost renovation

Renovation of the 40 years old Goxu-Mbacc medical outpost and midwife’s quarters. The structure was expanded and improved by installing lights, improving the ventilation system, roof, electrical and facility expansion to allow more patients to be seen and a 24-hour midwifery service.

Woman sitting on steps with a child