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Your guide to renewing your Sterling cards

Your Sterling cards are due for renewal and we need to know which of them you still require. The way to do this is through myairbp, Air bp’s account management platform.
Use this guide to learn how to view all cards assigned to your user profile, confirm which cards should be renewed and order new cards.

1. Log in to myairbp

Look out for your registration email for access to myairbp. Get help logging in for the first time.

2. Go to card manager

All the Sterling cards across all of the accounts associated with your user profile are listed.

3. Select account

To view cards associated with one specific account, select the account you’d like to look at.

4. Renew your cards individually

Your cards will not automatically renew after the expiry date. Carefully check the aircraft registrations for your active cards and if you still require the card(s), check the ‘renew on expiry’box. Wait for the confirmation message to appear and the checkbox to turn green. Repeat for each card required (and any additional accounts with active cards assigned to your account). Please email sterling@bp.com to let us know you have done this and we will renew your cards for you based on your selections.

5. Renew your cards in bulk

If you have more than 20 cards, you may find it easier to download your card information into Excel. Check the aircraft registration in column ‘E’ carefully and update column ‘H’ (renew on expiry) to ‘yes’ for the cards you still need. You will need to do this for each account number associated with your name. Email your updated Excel file(s) back to sterling@bp.com and we will renew your cards for you based on your selections.

6. Order new cards

You can also use the card manager to order new cards, cancel or replace existing cards.