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Release date:
January 2021
Signing contracts with Air bp is easy!

Digital technology offers businesses more efficient ways of working, empowering us all to move faster. We continuously transform our operations introducing new digital solutions and automation to simplify and streamline our processes. Technology helps us create a better and more efficient experience for our customers and for Air bp internal users.


Welcome to the training on how to use eSignature effectively for customers’ and vendors’s signatories managing contracts.

New way to sign contracts


Put an end to painstaking manual paper-based contracts handling, delays and unnecessary courier costs with effortless eSignature.


An easy and intuitive signing experience to perform eSignature within seconds in just 4 simple steps:

  1. Receive a notification email
  2. Open the document in your browser following a link
  3. Perform a signature within seconds
  4. Receive the final mutually signed document via email


Systemised notifications provide complete transparency of the signing process, driving actions and providing an audit trail of when contracts have been sent, viewed and signed by both parties.

 All in a secure digital environment!

Using the feature

Notification mailer

The signatory will receive Air bp branded email notification with the document link for a signature.

esignature screen
1. Click ‘View Document’ to open the document
esignature screen
2. Click ‘I Agree’ to accept terms

Complete eSignature and receive a mutually signed document via email

After you accepted the terms and conditions, the document will open in a separate tab. Scroll down to eSignature boxes where the designated people can enter their details digitally.

esignature screen
3a. Add your full name and initials
esignature screen
3c. Tick the checkbox and click ‘Complete Signing’
esignature screen
3b. Click ‘Adopt Signature and Sign’
esignature screen
4. Receive an email with final mutually signed PDF attached 

Other things you may need to do

Reassigning signatory

If the document must be reviewed or signed by a different person(s), you can reassign the signatory by clicking the link associated.

esignature screen
esignature screen

Drawing eSignature

By preference you can draw your signature and initials, using the ‘Draw’ section. This gets adopted in the document within the designated space.

esignature screen
esignature screen

Cancel eSignature

In case you wish to cancel the signing of the document, you can press ‘Cancel Transaction’ on the top right hand corner of the page.

esignature screen
If you are having trouble opening links or experience any technical problems accessing eSignature or a document, please contact your Air bp account manager for help.