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Fees in Greenland

Here you will find a list of new and/or standardised fees for airports in Greenland (GA).

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Kangerlussuaq Sondrestrom (BGSF)
Fee / tax name Fuel type Value
Hook-up fee All 100 kr.
Minimum Uplift  <200ltr Jet 500 kr.
Minimum Uplift <60ltr Avgas 500 kr.
No Fuel Fee All 1000 kr.
Out of Hours fee All 1500 kr.
Overwing Fee All 100 kr.
Remote Apron Fee All 1000 kr.
Overtime Fee Jet 500 kr.


Hook up fee:

This fee may apply when an operator fuels your aircraft. It does not apply to self-serve transactions. 


Minimum uplift fee:

This fee may apply where volumes fall below certain thresholds. Typical examples of these thresholds are 200ltr for Jet and 60ltr for Avgas. These volume thresholds support sustainable operations at our airports.


No fuel fee:

This fee may apply where fuelling resources have been allocated [following a fuel release request or similar] but fuelling is no longer required and the request was not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice. This supports operational efficiency and customer service standards. Please note that Sterling card holders do NOT require fuel releases. This fee applies only in the event that these are requested.


Overwing fee:

This fee can apply for overwing fuelling and supports sustainable operations. It is applicable to JetA-1 transactions only.


Out of hours fee/overtime fee:

This fee may apply when fuelling outside normal operating hours and addresses additional operational costs which the airport incurs. This supports sustainable airport operations and reliable customer service. Overtime fees address manpower costs which increase outside normal operating hours. The out of hours fee is a flat fee. The overtime fee is a per hour fee (may be charged in half hour increments). 


Remote Apron

Remote Aprons are aprons or refuelling locations which are 'remote' from the central fuelling location thus creatng operational constraints when fuelling must be relocated to facilitate these transactions.


GA Dedicated 

GA Dedicated fees are rare, applying only where there is both dedicated staff and equipment which ensure that customers do NOT queue behind commercial aircraft at locations which serve both sectors.

These fee updates are specific to North West Europe; Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Benelux, Nordics and UK/France.


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